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My name is Carol Tainton – pianist and piano teacher, accompanist, coach. I have taught the piano with great success for 35 years, was a star teacher in Hamburg.   I currently live and teach in Berlin.

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  • highest-level piano lessons for all ages, beginners and advanced
  • the important beginner’s work with very young children as soon as they can read
  • a systematically structured technical and musical development. The technique I teach is based on that taught by Heinrich Neuhaus, teacher of Sviatoslav Richter and Emil Giles.
  • help with the preparation of concerts and competitions
  • lessons in preparation for entrance exams at universities and conservatories.
  • coaching in “stagefright” and “how to practice best”

For interested foreigners I offer in English

  • Private lessons by the hour or in packs of 10
  • Intensive courses in the summer or by arrangement

My goal is to enable students to make progress as quickly as possible
Contact: 0163-4874334

e-mail: caroltainton(at)


Piano Furioso deutsche Stiftung Musikleben
Piano Furioso (deutsche Stiftung Musikleben)


I taught piano in Hamburg for 35 years with great success. That has always been a passion.
From beginners to college students, I have always strived to enable students to make quick progress.
This is the greatest motivation for the student!

I have been able to help countless young pianists significantly improve their piano playing.

Since 2017 I have been living and teaching in Berlin.

Competitions and prizes

Dozens of students have won PRIZES at national competitions, at the international Steinway Competition, Tchaikovsky Jeunesse Competition, (Moscow); Liszt competition
(Budapest); Forum international Pedagogigue e Musique, (Paris), 3rd Concurs de Piano, (Andorra),
at the Münster Classical Prize, Grotrian Steinway and Bechstein competitions.

Students were awarded the Brahms Prize and Audience Prize at the Steinway Competition.
Many students received scholarships from the German Music Life Foundation, the Hamburger Conservatory Kauffmann Foundation and the Oscar and Vera Ritter Foundation.


"We appreciate Carol Tainton's extraordinary competence as a piano teacher for highly gifted students. Her students have won multiple prizes in the international Steinway piano competition for ages 16 and under. She also served as a jury member in this competition We invited her to be a member of the jury of the Steinway University Scholarship competition in Bremen, Lübeck and Hamburg. We are always happy to recommend Ms. Tainton when an exceptional teacher is needed to train gifted children."
Birgit Gremmelspacher
Director of Steinway House Hamburg
"As a pianist myself, I am very able to assess the progress my son (14) made working with Mrs Tainton. He had a scholarship with her for a year, 2 hours per week. She is a dedicated teacher who quickly helped his development on many levels.. She worked intensively on technique which was very important for Andrej and achieved good results.. his fingers were strengthened and became more independent, [...] the work on expression led to a musical understanding of all epochs [...] The development he made was fast and very positive and I am grateful that my son had the opportunity to benefit from her tuition. The work enabled him to win two international piano competitions the following year.”
Nella Yusova
Pianist, pupils` mother
“As a child at the age of 7, I started taking lessons with Carol Tainton. At that time she was considered too be the very best teacher for young students in Hamburg. Soon I won competitions: solo, duo and chamber music. After 9 years with Ms. Tainton, I became a junior student at the music college Hamburg. Prof Banfield said he had never before taken on a young student who had been so well trained in all aspects of piano playing. She also helped me in later years to prepare piano concertos which I played with orchestra in the Laeiszhalle. I won prizes in international competitions: (Moscow, Budapest). During my studies in the USA (Boston, Julliard, New York) all teachers praised my admirable technique and musicality and attributed this to excellent teaching in youth. Ofcourse they were right. Carol Tainton has always been an invaluable source of wisdom for me Patience. She will remain one of the biggest influences on me as a musician and pianist.”
Leon Bernsdorf
Doctorate at Juilliard School of Music, 2022
"The pianist Carol Tainton has been teaching in Hamburg for decades as a highly successful and respected piano teacher. She has taught at the Hamburg University of Music, at the Hamburg Conservatory and freelance. Her students have regularly been awarded prizes from national and international competitions and scholarships. She is renowned both nationally and internationally for her teaching. Her students have studied abroad and are pursuing successful careers. Ms. Tainton will remain an institution for the training of young pianists in the future."
Markus Menke
Director of the Hamburg Conservatorium
"The lessons with Ms. Tainton gave me a great deal because she enabled me to participate in her world of music to an extraordinary depth. In each lesson I immersed myself in another world. This moved me so much that I can no longer imagine a life without music. She brought about a connection between the person and the piano that I still have not found anywhere else. From today’s perspective, I couldn’t have wished for a better piano teacher than Ms. Tainton.”
Jill Delling
Music student, London 2022
"I can say with the utmost conviction that I have never before - in 20 years - experienced such clearly structured, technical and musical piano teaching. My preparation on the Mozart concerto was purposeful and detailed, the concert was an untoward success!
Katrin Schumann-Fucke
School music teacher, Hamburg
"All of our piano-playing children are enthusiastic about their lessons with Mrs. Tainton. We have been able to observe how important it is even in first lessons to pay attention to musicality and technique. We admire how sensitively she teaches our youngest son (5). All 3 have become wonderful piano players and we are very grateful that she was recommended to us by a jury member some years ago."
Maren und Christian Stoll
Maren und Christian Stoll, pupil parents


Here some students can be heard:

Matt (10) Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu

Andrej (14) Chopin A flat major polonaise

Valeria (15) and Florian (16) Brahms F minor Sonata, Scherzo

Valeria (15) and Florian (16) Mozart Sonata in D major, Andante

Caspar (15) Mozart Piano Concerto in G major, 3rd movement

Leon (18) Schumann concert piece


Tatjana (15) Chopin Etude F minor   (after 2 years of piano lessons)

Kristof (15) Liszt Etude in F minor

Eva (16) Chopin Ballad F minor

Olga, (17) Mozart Sonata in B flat major

Kristof (15) and Leon (13) Infante: Danses Andalouses

Leon (13) and Kristof (15) Mozart Sonata in D major

Leon, (20) Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2


  • highest-level piano lessons for all ages, beginners and advanced,
  • also the important beginner’s work with very young children as soon as they can read
  • a systematic technical and musical development.
  • exercises based on those taught by Heinrich Neuhaus, famous Russian pedagogue (teacher of Sviatoslav Richter, Emil Gilels)
  • help in preparation for concerts, competitions…including “how to best practice” and “how to overcome stage fright”
  • lessons in preparation for entrance exams at universities and conservatories.
  • for interested foreigners I offer in English
    private lessons by the hour or in packs of 10,
    Intensive courses in summer or by arrangement

My goal is to enable students to make as much progress as possible as quickly as possible

Fees: 60 Euros per hour, 580 Euros per 10 hours

Contact: +49 163-4874334



Zahlen und Fakten


Besuchte Kurse bei mindestens 30 renommierten Pädagogen und Musikern

Piano Furioso deutsche Stiftung Musikleben

Für 35 Jahre bis 2017 habe ich in Hamburg mit großem Erfolg Klavier unterrichtet. Das war immer eine Leidenschaft.

Piano furioso Preisträgerin, deutsche Stiftung Musikleben

Eva (16) Chopin Ballade f-moll

Tatjana (15, erster Unterricht mit 13) Chopin f-moll Etüde posth

Olga (16) Mozart B-Dur Sonate


Mit 16 fing ich ein 5-jähriges Musikstudium am Konservatorium in Pretoria an und schloss mit

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